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ImmersiON-VRelia offers a perfect combination: a large group of highly creative and talented indidivuals, and a team of engineers whose collaboration allows to develop amazing virtual reality products and services for you. We believe that the most valuable asset of a company is their human resources, and for this reason we want to put faces to our team.

Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo

CEO, President, CTO & Co-Founder

Ethan D. Schur

CMO & Co-Founder

Isidoro Pessah

CFO & Co-Founder

Paco Álvarez Beltrán

Co-Founder, HW R&D & Integration

Daniel Serrano Cánovas

Creative Director, Infographics & 3D Designer

Álvaro Redondo Caparrós

AlterSpace VR Director

Mitesh Shah

AlterSpace Cloud Director

Courtenay Sprunger

PR & Media Manager

Cassandra L. Koch L.

3D Designer and Animation

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