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The Immersive Technology Alliance is pleased to report that Immersed Europe exceeded all our expectations.  The world’s best joined forces to show that Europe is a vibrant marketplace for immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

Resulting from the original success of Immersed 2014, the world’s best flew in from all over the world to learn and share with one another on European soil. Entrepreneurs, professionals, journalists and enthusiasts all played their part to make this a memorable and positive event for all.  Even the staunchest of competitors seemed to be the closest of friends working together to help build an industry by filling each other’s knowledge gaps. Even days after Immersed Europe, meetings continued, relationships were built, and new friendships were formed because of this wonderful catalyst.  This was magic that we look forward to seeing year after year and event after event.

It’s with special thanks to Immersed Europe’s venue partner, the University of Murcia, that we were able to host this event in completely new territory and in a memorable city. We would also like personally thank Dr. Fernando Vargas-Martin, Rector José Orihuela, and Vice-Rector José María. Thank you all!


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