Meet the New GO

New custom 35mm optics and amazing 130º FOV

A Virtual Reality headset for smartphones up to 6″

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Custom Optical Adjustment

Extreme precise visual correction for maximum confort. The GO has the most advanced optics correction system. Enjoy the best immersive experience with maximum sharpness without glasses.

The GO is a high end HMD for the entry level serious VR user.


The NEW GO: Personal Immersive Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display with gamepad controller for smarpthones up to 6″. New custom 35mm optics and 130º FOV. Available now.

If you are ordering from Spain or Portugal please click here.

From Mexico please click here.


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Sophisticated and awesome design.

Includes the unique and patented mechanical adjustment for diopter and IPD accommodating the majority of the population

What makes us stand out? Take a look below …

Full ImmersiON

Full Immersion & Presence

GO provides the best sense of immersion and presence.

Immersion is being surrounded by images and sounds that create the perception that a digital environment really exists.

The GO technology fades away and the player reacts to virtual environment and stimuli as they would in real life, wich leads us to a state of presence.

Field Of View

Wide Field Of View

Our new custom-made 35mm VR lenses magnify the image to provide an impressive 130º field of view (FOV) and makes you surrounded by the virtual world. Enjoy a super wide field of view thanks to the harmony between optical viewfinder and our SDK.
You always can enjoy the higher FOV according to your morphology because you can physically adjust your IPD.

Custom Optical Adjustment

Custom Optical Adjustment

The GO has the most advanced optics correction system including the unique and patented mechanical adjustment  independent for diopter for use without glasses.

Extreme precise visual correction for maximum confort.

You can make a fine adjustement per eye, because most of people doesn´t have the same optic paramenters in both eyes.


High end optical design

Includes higher quality optics, reduced chromatic distortion and reduced aberrations. Ventilation openings to ease airflow and prevent fogging of lenses.

Using our optical system we are able to offer a high image quality VR experience where we utilise the full resolution of your smartphone without seeing the edges of your display.

Sensor Fusion

 Low Latency Head Tracking

GO uses a unique algorithm designs to track 3D head positions using internal smarthphone sensors.

The sensors in your phone track your head movements and update the viewpoint of the phone screen. This makes it possible to step into and look around in a virtual environment, such as a game, movie or picture.


 Independent adjustment for IPD

The GO have an exclusive system that lets you make a fine adjustement of the IPD (Interpupilary Distance) of the optical system.

IPD  adjustement is very important in terms of stereoscopic confort specially in children and people with low or high IPD. The GO fits the majority of the population.

Gamepad special edition by VIAPLAY

Gamepad special edition by VIAPLAY

Includes the Viaplay Special Edition Gamepad controller for the best portable mobile based VR experience.

You can move around and interact with the environment and it is fully compatible with our SDK.

It rechargeable Li-ion battery secures hours of fun and eliminates the hassle and expense of changing batteries.

Augmented Reality

A single device with endless possibilities

ImmersiON-VRelia designed the GO to be a virtual reality device, augmented reality and mixed reality. All in one product with a solid design.

We took a lot of care designing the best solution to enable smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps and mixed reality apps where you can combine your real environment with 3D graphics.


Android & Iphone compatible

Finally a solution that works for the majority of the smartphones!

You don´t need to have an especific phone model to use your GO.

You can use your favourite smartphone and all the VR ready apps that you will find in the application stores.



An open platform SDK as well as the documentation are available to software developers.

An easy way to develop your mobile virtual reality experiences with the most complete SDK available. A lot of parameters and posibilities  but super easy to implement and use.

Yoy have all that you need to start developing the best VR apps right now.

Battery Earphones

Charger and audio jack slots

Now you can use your smartphone and the GO with your favorite headphones to create a completely immersive virtual reality experience. A charging slot will help you charge your phone at home while using the GO.

 USB input enables you to connect some external devices, for example Leap Motion.

Thanks to USB slots, you dont have to worry that a dead smartphone battery will ruin your fun.


Wireless, lightweight and portable

Wireless and perfect in a journey. No one likes cables, so get rid of them! Make your journey even more pleasurable thanks to GO. It is a wireless device, your smartphone is used to give you total freedom of movement.

No wires and no desktop required, you can enjoy it wherever you are.


Connectable to AlterSpace

The user gets free access to the AlterSpace platform with access to hundreds of apps just by registering their product. GO is more than just a VR headset, is a ECOSYSTEM.

If you are a developer you can start uploading your apps made with our SDK right now and offer to your customers the best experience.


Better ergonomics & hypoallergenic foam

Enjoy for hours with maximum confort thanks to the ergonomic design of the most advanced smartphone accessory.

Was designed with better ergonomics in order to provide a prolonged experience, based on years of experience of manufacturing HMDs since 2005 for the Military and Aerospace industries under the TDVisor product. Third strap for more comfortable use during longer sessions.

Strong Durable

Quality & high resistance

Is drop-proof, the GO unit keeps the phone intact in case of a 5ft drop (other units will break and/or the phone will break/scratch too).

Is manufactured with solid and resistant high quality plastics, where material torsion and stress has been analyzed and tested for higher durability. It is compact and super light.

 Superb protection for your Smartphone against impacts and scratches.

How it works ?

Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way.

VR Aplications for Android & iPhone

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Augmented Virtuality) that you can use or develop in areas like education, training, medical industry, video, photography,  design, gaming, entertainment, social media, and big data visualitation. All in a fully immersive full HD 3D environment over the Cloud.

Compatible Apps


Easily adapt an existing Unity 3D app for VR or build your own application from the beginning.

We offer a free Unity 3D™ SDK that will help you to start and improve your VR experiences and games. We make the hard part of work with different devices calibrations, 3D side by side rendering and parameters. We want you to focus in creating the best quality contents. We are going to constantly improve this SDK and we will add new features making easy to you to get the best of your work and our devices.

Get the IMMERSION-VRELIA SDK to start building immersive experiences of your own.

Download SDK

SDK Features For Your App

Geometric Predistortion

 Stereoscopic View & Predistortion.

The SDK renders your Unity3D scene in split-screen stereo used for each eye in stereoscopic way, so you can get the sensation of a real and immersive 3D.

The SDK compensates the distortion of the lens applying an opposite distortion. This allows to the user enjoy the image without any kind of geometric distortion.

Dynamic Stereoscopic Convergence

 Dynamic Convergence

In real life, our eyes converge dynamically, depending on the object of interest. This method emulates the way the human eye perceives images in real life. When implemented on the videogame, it reduces side effects and enables a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Now you can enjoy entertainments for hours without getting your eyes strained.

Chromatic Aberration Correction

Correcting Chromatic Aberration

The SDK corrects chromatic aberration. It is an effect that usually happens in the edge of the lens and cause a color separation effect (specially in the red and blue channels).

The SDK applies to the render complex calculations to compensate this effect and lets you view the final image without aberrations.

Snellen-like depth test

Snellen-like depth test

Our SDK includes ophtalmological tests that allows adjust the focus on the GO in a precise and easy way.

Every app that is developed to our system includes this focus test and other tools that will let you enchance the experience to get the best of the experience in a better and safer way.

Create your own world, you can not distinguish from reality.

How to use the SDK videos.

3D/VR Engines

Immersive experiences for everyone, anytime, anywhere

The GO isolates completly the outer light. Thanks to this, nothing distracts your attention from the virtual experience.

IMMERSION-VRELIA to unveil immersive space experience at NASA's 75th Anniversary Open House

GO is manufactured with solid and resistant high quality plastics, where material torsion and stress has been analyzed and tested for higher durability. That’s the reason why we were able to demonstrate in October 2014 at the NASA AMES Research Center Open House with more than 120K people attending and thousands of people using our GO units, and the demo units are still in use as of today.

Was designed with better ergonomics in order to provide a prolonged experience, based on years of experience of manufacturing HMDs since 2005 for the Military and Aerospace industries under the TDVisor product.

Company to exhibit NASA space exploration experience on GO Head Mounted Display at Oct. 18 event


The GO has been chosen as the best product in the CES2015 by Gambit Magazine.


Poll Results: Best Designed VR-headsetVR-iPhone website

Has a superior design, not only because we say so, but because the actual users voted already, and there can only be one winner: The GO, we won with a staggering 49% on top of all the other brands. Here is the link to the VR-iPhone website for your reference.

A development team using our SDK won the Orange San Francisco GigHacks using the GO.


The AlterSpace is a Web 3.0 Virtual Reality Platform that extends the flat desktop and social wall into the 3rd dimension.


 In the AlterSpace you can explore new experiences, and immerse yourself in VR content. AlterSpace fundamentally changes the way we work, play, and interact.

The AlterSpace is a universal platform, made to be compatible with all Head Mounted Displays on the market, and has optimizations for ImmersiON-VRelia’s line of products.

The user gets free access to the AlterSpace platform with access to hundreds of apps just by registering their product. .


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