EAP - Early Adoption Beta Tester Program

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About the Early Adoption Program


Thank you for your interest in our technology platform. If you have access to this link is because we have requested more information, and we are inviting a selective group of companies to become part of our Early Adoption Program. You can gain access to our technology platform under certain terms and conditions for integration with your products and initiatives.

Please fill in this Early Adoption Program form.

Note 1: A Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement should be in place before entering this EAP.

Note 2: The Entire Agreement should be executed in order to proceed. Click here to download the PDF version.

Note 3: Information submited is considered CONFIDENTIAL under prior MNDA execution and will not be shared without explicit consent of both parties.

Note 4: This online form is intended to replace or complement Attachment A of the EAP.

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VRARTraining / SimulationGamingOut of Home EntertainmentMedia, Movies, Sports, ConcertsLearning and EducationMechanical/Industrial/CAD DesignScientific / MedicalAerospace / MilitaryOther

Application Platforms
AndroidiOSPC/MACCloud/Web (platform Agnostic)Private Cloud / Local Servers / GPU Cluster

Describe practical usecases

Initiative Timeline, Objectives, Milestones, Release Date

Explain your growth path and projected units / licenses to be purchased from ImmersiON-VRelia per month/quarter/year

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Products of interest

Please mention how many units you are planning to use after a successful integration of your initiative with our product Per Month, Per Quarter, and Per Year. Basically, it is very important for us to know about your projected ImmersiON-VRelia units acquisition (but don't worry: no commitment! this is just for our better understanding of your growth path)