The AlterSpace is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Augmented Virtuality) environment where content, videos, photographs, documents, designs, games, apps, social media, metadata, geo-located and tagged objects converge for Education, Medical, Entertainment, Training, Gaming and social applications. All in a fully immersive full HD 3D environment over the Cloud.

AlterSpace Android App



There is another world where you can play, work, learn, entertain and interact. We call it the AlterSpace.

The AlterSpace: VR|AR Environment:


>Ubiquitous Cloud based


>Device agnostic




>Media and Entertainment

>Training and Education

>Work and Documents

Conceived in 2006, the AlterSpace emerged as an internal initiative when describing the experience of being in a place that didn’t exist. We were using our 720p per eye HMD while exploring a Virtual Reality world and a racecar experience. We wanted to be inside that environment, we wanted to jump in there for real, it was an alternate reality, an alternate space, we then named it The AlterSpace.

Optionally, you can also launch any other VR application downloaded on Google Play™ or the App Store®
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